This Is Us

  Hi :) Who doesn't love a good story?

We are Mitch & Jodi.

Miijo was born out of an idea we had to create a brand that inspired positivity. Both being "half full" kinda people we have embarked on the journey to lift and inspire. We have actually known each other since we were teenagers. We lost contact for over 15 years but making true my belief, that what is meant to be will find its way. We reconnected when Mitch returned to our hometown when his marriage broke down. The years in between had seen Mitch become a professional surfer, win a world title, get married and have 2 amazing boys, Jack & Will. In recent years Mitch has returned to competitive surfing and is the current holder of 40's title, 3 years running. 


For myself I had been a awesome journey too. I had completed a teaching degree at uni, built a small business into a million dollar company and represented Australia in touch football, including playing in the World Cup in Scotland. I travelled all over the world and found myself drawn to the 3rd world countries. I love the grunge, humbleness and real substance of these places. I tragically lost my brother in 2007, he was a beautiful, salt of the earth guy, I miss him everyday. Losing Casey made me reevaluate my purpose & it hit home how we only have one shot at this life & it is short. My vow is to live "twice the life", & make the most of this opportunity called 'life' that my brother doesn't have the opportunity to experience anymore. I feel like it would almost be an insult to not do that. 

The name Miijo was born out of using bits from both our names. The additional 'i' representing the Third Eye. The Third Eye is the minds eye & has a symbolic meaning being that it is the gateway to higher consciousness.  We can all see potential when we are open to it, visualisation.  We are both believers that what you set your intentions to, you will attract "put it to the universe".


It is very important that you identify exactly what it is that you want, what is your purpose today? tomorrow? in your life? When you know what it is you want you can set an intention or goal and go about visualising it. The art of manifestation & visualisation has served us positively throughout our life, and we would love to see more people living the life they vision.