About Us

We are Mitch & Jodi.

We are Mitch & Jodi. Miijo was born out of an idea we had to create a brand that inspired positivity. Both being "half full" kinda people we have embarked on the journey to lift and inspire with a collection of lifestyle products. Mitch is a surfer with a natural connection to earth. Jodi a natural born leader and mindset mentor. Marrying our passion for the environment, travel and belief in the power of positivity we promise to forge an Australian Brand that is both conscious and inspiring.


The name Miijo was born out of using bits from both our names. The additional 'i' representing the Third Eye. The Third Eye is the minds eye & has a symbolic meaning being that it is the gateway to higher consciousness.  We can all see potential when we are open to it, visualisation.  We are both believers that what you set your intentions to, you will attract "put it to the universe".

Be mind conscious. It is very important that you identify your "Why". What is your purpose today? tomorrow? in your life? When you know what your why is you can set an intention or goal and go about moving towards achieving it. The art of manifestation & visualisation has served us positively throughout our life. If you believe you can achieve it then you are more likely to. 


Be conscious of the environment. Don't let overwhelm be the reason you don't make positive choices about the environment. Making small adjustments to your life can make a big difference. Every little bit counts!

 Miijo xx